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19 Banbury Dr
Simsbury, CT 06092

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Working for Simsbury's Future

Generations of Simsbury residents have worked hard to create a strong and vibrant community that looks forward while protecting and preserving our unparalleled quality of life.  My goal is to be a thoughtful steward of our best legacies, while keeping an eye to the future of our town.


Keeping Simsbury Beautiful

Four seasons of natural beauty and a rich historical and cultural heritage make Simsbury a truly unique community.   By preserving and caring for our open space, recreational and cultural resources, and historical architecture, we can fully enjoy living in Simsbury, as well as supporting local businesses in our growing tourism economy.


Building A Strong Economy

In a time when our state faces a declining economy, and the Hartford metropolitan area losing many jobs, Simsbury is still growing!  Smart development and careful preservation of our quality of life and sound fiscal policies make our town attractive even in tough times.   Thoughtful promotion and business support will help us to attract and retain new companies while boosting our unique array of locally owned small businesses.


A new Era for Simsbury

When the new Board of Selectmen is sworn in this December, their first charge will be to hire our first-ever Town Manager.  The town's transition to this new form of government will best succeed with a qualified and committed group of elected officials who can support the Town Manager in his or her administrative role while still maintaining a strong and robust commitment to responsive elected governance.

I appreciate your vote and your financial support.   All campaign contributions must be accompanied by the following form.   Please complete and mail to Thomas Frank, 19 Banbury Drive, West Simsbury, CT 06092


Simsbury:  Always Home

I was lucky enough to grow up in this community and was educated in Simsbury Public Schools.   After graduating from Simsbury High in 1987, I spent the next 20 years living all over the world, in places ranging from metropolitan London to rural Alaska to a northern Virginia "boom" suburb.   When I had the chance to settle anywhere I chose to raise my family, Simsbury was the obvious choice.   

It's been ten years since I moved back to my hometown, and it's been one of the best decisions I ever made.  It's an honor to serve on our Board of Selectmen and help to guide and serve our rare jewel of a community.  



Simsbury Selectwoman

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